SCCD 31787 Chris Byars “The Music Of Duke Jordan”

Award-winning saxophonist, composer, bandleader and educator Chris Byars, apart from his focus on composing his own music, has been highly interested in studying the vast repertoire of jazz composers of the 20th century. His endeavour has so far culminated in Blue Lights (SCCD31662) – music of Gigi Gryce, Lucky Strikes Again (SCCD 31713) – music of Lucky Thompson, Music Forever (SCCD 31743) – music of Freddie Redd. Now to add to this impressive listing Chris Byars compiled 11 gems from the book of Duke Jordan (1922 – 2006) who was one of the early and most original bebop pianists.

Israeli-born singer Yaala Ballin wrote lyrics and sang two of the Jordan melodies (Sultry Eve and Lesson In Love).

1. Jordanish (Duke Jordan)
2. Undecided Lady (Duke Jordan)
3. There's A Star For You (Duke Jordan)
4. If I Did – Would You? (Duke Jordan)
5. The Bullet (Shinkansen) (Duke Jordan)
6. Gabrielle's Wish (Duke Jordan)
7. Lesson in love (Duke Jordan)
8. Paula (Duke Jordan)
9. Glad I Met Pat (Duke Jordan)
10. Sultry Eve (Duke Jordan)
11. Table Chess (Duke Jordan)

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