SCCD 31276 In Search Of Hope / Bertha Hope Trio

This is the first leader recording by Elmo Hope’s widow Bertha Rosemond Hope (b. November 8, 1936 in Los Angeles). She started playing piano at the age of three. She became interested in jazz through Bud Powell and turned pro in the early 50s. She has been in the shadow of her legendary husband for a long time but deserves wider recognition on her own.

Spain’s Compact magazine put it correctly, “ No es una viuda, es una extraordinaria pianista .”

1. In search of – (Bertha Hope/Walter Booker)
2. Pas de trois (Paul Arsianian)
3. You know who (Bertha Hope)
4. A wise and wonderful book (Bertha Hope)
5. Roll on (Elmo Hope)
6. Nieta (Elmo Hope)
7. Mother of fortune (Bertha Hope)
8. Release yourself (Booker/Pignetti)
9. Lament (Jay Jay Johnson)
10. Mitzi's first night out (Bertha Hope)

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