SCCD 31086 Another World / Andy LaVerne Trio

This is Andy LaVerne’s debut album under his own name, though his experiences in studios had already been impressive recording with Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Lee Konitz, Frank Sinatra, Ted Curson to mention a few. This trio was Stan Getz’s 1977 rhythm section and as always Stan selected the very competent and exciting instrumentalists for his band.

“…. a highly personal album…with mutually coherent original compositions by LaVerne. …music of satisfying and unique material …” (Boris Rabinowitch, Politiken)

1. Spiral (Andy LaVerne)
2. Another world (Andy LaVerne)
3. Tallboys (Andy LaVerne)
4. Arizona (Andy LaVerne)
5. Cream puff (Andy LaVerne)
6. Utah (Andy LaVerne)
7. Straight for life (Andy LaVerne)
8. Fleur de lys (Andy LaVerne)
9. Arizona (Andy LaVerne)
10. Straight for life (Andy LaVerne)
11. Another world (Andy LaVerne)

UPC/EAN: 716043108626