SCCD 31501 Inside Chicago Vol. 2/ Brad Goode – Von Freeman

The second volume of Inside Chicago series is extracted from a three-night live concert from the famous Jazz Showcase club at the Blackstone Hotel in downtown Chicago in February 1995.

The music not only illustrates the recent history of strong Chicago jazz but also gives us the rare opportunity of enjoying the otherwise available-only-for-the-lucky-locals legends Von Freeman and Brad Goode’s exciting performance.

1. Anthropology (CharlieParker/Dizzy Gillespie)
2. Blues for Sunnyland Slim (Von Freeman)
3. Oleo (Sonny Rollins)
4. Caravan (Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol)
5. Yardbird suite (Charlie Parker)

UPC/EAN: 716043150120