SCCD 31433 Catalonian Nights Vol. 3 / Tete Montoliu Trio

Spanish master on keyboard Tete Montoliu passed away at age 64 on August 24, 1997 in Barcelona. In this celebrated series of live recordings from Zeleste, earlier volumes (SCCD 31148 and 31241) were enthused by the critics and audience alike. Here’s the last release from the same recordings which “ capture <Tete> at the peak of his powers, in inspirational company and among a warmly sympathetic audience…. Thanks to tracks like these we can continue to celebrate his diamond bright lines of compelling logic and vivid beauty .” (Mark Gardner)

1. Easy living (Rubin/Rainger)
2. There Is no greater love (Symes-Jones)
3. Jo vull que m'acariciis (Tete Montoliu)
4. Scrapple from the apple (Charlie Parker)
5. When lights are low (Benny Carter)
6. We'll be together again (Fischer/Laine)
7. Joy spring (Clifford Brown)
8. Bags' groove (Milt Jackson)

UPC/EAN: 716043143320