Doug Raney – The Doug Raney Quintet (SCCD 31249)

SCCD 31249 Doug Raney Quintet “… Doug Raney is an elegant player even when he’s attacking, as he does here on most of the content. …Certainly recommended if you enjoy your jazz slightly in advance of bebop, but with all of that basic feel still there.” (Martin Richards, Jazz Journal International) “… no doubt, another […]

Bob Rockwell – On The Natch (SCCD 31229)

SCCD 31229 On The Natch / Bob Rockwell Quartet “ Bob Rockwell is a warm-toned tenor player whose love of Coltrane becomes most apparent at higher intensity levels…His soprano playing demonstrates exceptional control of that notorious instrument… the whole affair well recorded using a full digital process. Playing time is the maximum possible on CD […]