SCCD 31229 On The Natch / Bob Rockwell Quartet

Bob Rockwell is a warm-toned tenor player whose love of Coltrane becomes most apparent at higher intensity levels…His soprano playing demonstrates exceptional control of that notorious instrument… the whole affair well recorded using a full digital process. Playing time is the maximum possible on CD …” (John Robert Brown, Jazz Journal International)

1. Nightrider (Butch Lacy/Bob Rockwell)
2. For all we know (S/Coots Lewis)
3. Built in (Bob Rockwell)
4. Prisoner of love (Columbo/Robin/Gaskill)
5. On the natch (Bob Rockwell/JukkisUotila)
6. Away (Butch Lacy/Bob Rockwell)
7. The downside (Butch Lacy)
8. For all we know (S/Coots Lewis)

UPC/EAN: 716043122929