Andy LaVerne – Intelligent Design (SCCD 31618)

SCCD 31618Andy LaVerne “Intelligent Design” The instrumentation of piano/organ/drums may be highly unusual but with Andy LaVerne and Gary Varsace on the keyboards the format is a sure winner as their earlier collaboration in “All Ways” (SCCD 31569) – “(LaVerne and Versace) sound absolutely natural and complementing together….two equally appealing keyboard voices…” (Thomas Conrad – […]

Andy LaVerne – Stan Getz In Chappaqua (SCCD 31418)

SCCD 31418 Stan Getz In Chappaqua / Andy LaVerne Quartet Andy LaVerne’s latest CD on SteepleChase is dedicated to the memory of Stan Getz, one of the most significant saxophone soloists of the 20 th century. LaVerne was the pianist of the Stan Getz quartet from 1977 to 1981 during which period LaVerne wrote most […]

Andy LaVerne – Frozen Music (SCCD 31244)

SCCD 31244 Frozen Music / Andy LaVerne Quartet “ Frozen Music, Andy LaVerne’s third album for SteepleChase, is a solid, modern blowing session…he makes skilful use of suspensions, pedal points, and ostinatos, which along with the music’s floating harmonies, give the soloists a wealth of elbow room …” (Mark Stryker, Cadence) 1. Numero uno (Andy […]