SCCD 31244 Frozen Music / Andy LaVerne Quartet

Frozen Music, Andy LaVerne’s third album for SteepleChase, is a solid, modern blowing session…he makes skilful use of suspensions, pedal points, and ostinatos, which along with the music’s floating harmonies, give the soloists a wealth of elbow room …” (Mark Stryker, Cadence)

1. Numero uno (Andy LaVerne)
2. Nitewriter (Andy LaVerne)
3. Is not my problem (Andy LaVerne)
4. North country (Andy LaVerne)
5. Satan doll (Andy LaVerne)
6. Decorative trends (Andy LaVerne)
7. The bundo credo (Andy LaVerne)
8. Frozen music (Andy LaVerne)
9. Blue cycle (Andy LaVerne)

UPC/EAN: 716043124428