Allaboutjazz’s Elliott Simon remarked on LaSpina’s 2004 album “Remember When”, “ There can be something very special about a bassist-led session. Perhaps it is their knowledge of both time and melody that, when coupled with the rich emotional sound of their instrument, results in some of the most creative jazz ….” Once again Steve LaSpina through his sophisticated writing is presenting here an exceptional work.

1. Sometime Soon (Steve LaSpina)
2. Tuesday Too (Steve LaSpina)
3. Slow Down (Steve LaSpina)
4. It's Just A Riff In G (Steve LaSpina)
5. Life In No Lane (Steve LaSpina)
6. You (Steve LaSpina)
7. Moments (Steve LaSpina)
8. Why (Steve LaSpina)
9. In Place Of (Steve LaSpina)

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