Trumpeter/composer Steve Lampert made quite a stir when he appeared in saxophonist Rich Perry’s CD “Hearsay” SCCD 31515 with his compositions of “… tricky, angular bop lines …” (Harvey Siders/JazzTimes) “adventurous harmonics, eccentric and fluctuating rhythms…” (Jack Bowers/Cadence) and his performance of “… technical brilliance ….enriching the frontline’s timbre ” (Siders/JazzTimes). David R. Adler of All Music Guide remarked, “ Lampert…proves to be a fluid and compelling soloist .”

This is Steve Lampert’s leader debut CD which contains 55 minutes of highly personal music penned by the leader. Lampert comments in the linernotes, “…. The music was conceived for instrumental performers in compositional interaction with a virtual reality consisting of computer sequenced electronic music ….”

1. Telephony (Steve Lampert)
2. R U There? (Steve Lampert)
3. Music Box (Steve Lampert)
4. Whirl (Steve Lampert)
5. Held In Reflection (Steve Lampert)
6. Geometry (Steve Lampert)
7. Venus Perplexed (Steve Lampert)
8. Aftershock (Steve Lampert)
9. Water Test With Question (Steve Lampert)
10. Either / Or (Steve Lampert)
11. Still There (Steve Lampert)
12. Metaphor Of Travel (Steve Lampert)

UPC/EAN: 716043155729