The 6 th leader album by trumpeter Dave Ballou finds him in an unusual but fascinating two-bass quartet form. In addition to the two superb bassists John Hebert and Michael Formanek, percussionist Kevin Norton contributes his part on drums and vibes.

Here’re excerpts of reviews on Ballou’s earlier releases: “ Ballou plays idea-rich, solidly structured solos…He has a full, warm, cultivated tone; plays very well in the lower as well as upper register…. a thoughtful, melodic improviser… .”(Harvey Pekar/JazzTimes on The Floating World SCCD 31486)

Ballou’s a formidable writer…Ballou’s music…allows a range of emotions to exist within a particular song …” (Greg Buium/Cadence on Volition SCCD 13460

1. Dancing Foot (Dave Ballou)
2. Pinky (Dave Ballou)
3. Bobblehead (Dave Ballou)
4. Sadhana (Dave Ballou)
5. Skippy (Thelonious Monk)
6. Prayer (Dave Ballou)
7. Stagnate (Dave Ballou)
8. Norton Utilities (Dave Ballou)
9. Anya Goes East (Dave Ballou)

UPC/EAN: 716043155620