SCCD 31328 Bright Passion / Stanley Cowell Trio

Further developing the poignant harmonic contributions of Art Tatum, Cowell is a well-tempered, thoughtful and inventive force at the keyboard. ….This, Cowell’s fourth trio recording on SteepleChase, rings throughout with glad tidings and an effervescent maturity which bears the allure of a studied and calm passion .” (Scot Hacker, Cadence)

1. Brilliant circles (Stanley Cowell)
2. Bright passion (Stanley Cowell)
3. Dave's Chant #2 (Stanley Cowell)
4. Round about midnight (Thelonious Monk)
5. La danse (Stanley Cowell)
6. I'll always love you, my brother (Charles Tolliver)
7. Piano Concerto No. 1: Tribute to Tatum (Stanley Cowell)
8. Piano Concerto No. 1: Serenity (Stanley Cowell)
9. Piano Concerto No. 1: Cal Massey (Stanley Cowell)

UPC/EAN: 716043132829