Kontrapunkt 32180

Niels W. Gade: “COMALA”

The Canzone Choir

Sønderjylland’s Symphony Orchestra

Anne Margrethe Dahl soprano

Elisabeth Halling mezzo soprano

Hitomi Katagiri alto

Johannes Mannov baritone

Frans Rasmussen conductor

This is the fourth release (two more to come) of N.W. Gade’s Cantata Series. Earlier releases (KPT 32070 “Elverskud”, KPT 32072 “Kalanus”, KPT 32148“Zion, Die Heilige Nacht, Gefion”) have been received with enormous interest throughout the world and generated quite an excitement around this composer who has unjustly been placed more or less in the shadow of Carl Nielsen.

“Comala” is Gade’s first attempt in his orchestra/chorus works which he called “Concert Pieces” composed in 1846 in Leipzig where he was taken under the wing of Mendelssohn whose post at the Gewandhaus Gade succeeded eventually.

1. Einleitung (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
2. No. 1 Chor Der Krieger und Barden (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
3. No. 2 Andante (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
4. No. 3 Chor Der Krieger (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
5. No. 4 Andante (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
6. No. 5 Ballade (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
7. No. 6 Moderato (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
8. No. 7 Chor Der Geister (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
9. No. 8 Andante (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
10. No. 9 Chor Der Krieger (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
11. No. 10 Andante con moto (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
12. No. 11 Andantino (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
13. No. 12 Chor Der Barden und Krieger (Niels Wilhelm Gade)

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