SCCD 31394 N. Y. C.ats / Ronnie Cuber Quintet

“… Today <Ronnie Cuber> is among the few leading exponents of bop baritone and for many he remains the most exciting and listenable of the lot with his huge sound, adroit agility and harmonic awareness…His music is jaunty, robust and passionate…We do not look to Ronnie Cuber for genteel, gentle or polite back ground music. To him we turn for gut-wrenching, virile sounds that express a relish for living and a defiant optimism which take the ears by storm …” (Mark Gardner)

1. Mirage (Ronnie Cuber)
2. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Duke Ellington)
3. Mimosa (George Benson)
4. Humacao (Ronnie Cuber)
5. I've Got You Under My Skin (Cole Porter)
6. Ponta Grossa (Ronnie Cuber)
7. Better Git It In Your Soul (Charles Mingus)

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