SCCD 31759 Ron McClure “Ready Or Not”

Ron McClure, veteran bassist and accomplished composer, has also keen eyes to spot talents. A year ago McClure introduced a young (then 17), very gifted jazz violinist Gabe Terracciano in his 15 th album “Crunch Time” (SCCD 31736). Here on his latest release McClure gives another young (22) exceptional tenor talent Chad Lefktowitz-Brown a chance to shine alongside of Terracciano.

“…it is at once a band of substance and style, McClure’s powerful bass and terrific tunes stimulating the young players .” (Donald Elfman – The New York City Jazz Record on SCCD 31736)

“… fans of McClure’s mainstream fare will no doubt revel in this latest set to see an American release . “ (C. Andrew Hovan – AAJ on “Dream Team” SCCD 31435)

1. Gathering (Ron McClure)
2. Country Ride (Ron McClure)
3. My Love For You (Ron McClure)
4. It's All Good (Ron McClure)
5. Have I Thanked You? (Ron McClure)
6. Why Not? (Ron McClure)
7. Breaking Away (Gabe Terracciano)
8. Ready Or Not (Ron McClure)
9. Liz Ann (Cal Tjader)
10. Ten Or More (Ron McClure)

UPC/EAN: 716043175925