Bassist/composer Ron McClure’s previous release “Soft Hands” (SCCD 31615) was a unusual drum-less trio setting about which Will Smith of JazzTimes wrote, “ The quiet and easygoing togetherness of bassist Ron McClure’s Soft Hands, with tenor saxophonist Rich Perry and pianist George Colligan, will find listeners overlooking the absence of a drummer . …”. On this new recording the same group is expanded into a quartet with an addition of drummer, Billy Drummond who is met with immediate and unanimous enthusiasm (Ron McClure).

1. Half A Nice Day (Ron McClure)
2. Kalman's Dance (Ron McClure)
3. Hostile Terrain (Ron McClure)
4. Better Late Than Never (Ron McClure)
5. It's Always Now (Ron McClure)
6. New Moon (Ron McClure)
7. Lotus (Ron McClure)
8. Let's Went (Ron McClure)
9. Ulala (Ron McClure)

UPC/EAN: 716043167326