SCCD 31325 Universal Mind / Richie Beirach & Andy LaVerne

“… Richie and Andy lay before us a positive feast of keyboard collaboration. …Universal Mind will be providing many rewarding hours of enjoyment as a wonderful example of the specialised art of four hands interaction …” (Mark Gardner)

1. Solar (Miles Davis)
2. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)
3. I loves you Porgy (George Gershwin)
4. Haunted heart (Dietz/Schwartz)
5. Chappaqua (Andy LaVerne)
6. Blue in green (Bill Evans)
7. Elm (Richie Beirach)
8. The Town Hall Suite: Prologue (Bill Evans)
9. The Town Hall Suite: Story Line (Bill Evans)
10. The Town Hall Suite: Turn Out The Stars (Bill Evans)
11. The Town Hall Suite: Epilogue (Bill Evans)

UPC/EAN: 716043132522