Richard Doron Johnson, making his jazz debut album here, is an accomplished artist

with degrees from Berklee School of Music, Boston Conservatory and Thelonious Monk Institute.

Johnson has appeared on several of Christian Winther's CDs for SteepleChase. On this trio set he showcases his great talent both as performer and composer.

1. It's Been A Long Road (Richard Doron Johnson)
2. I Should Care (Sammy Cahn/Axel Stordahl/Paul Weston)
3. RamsiePamsie (Richard Doron Johnson)
4. I Sit And Then I Wonder (Richard Doron Johnson)
5. Pent-Up House (Sonny Rolling)
6. The Green Room (Richard Doron Johnson)
7. Battle Grounds (Richard Doron Johnson)
8. Dreams From My Father (Richard Doron Johnson)
9. Hymn Like (Richard Doron Johnson)
10. Rhythm To Run (Richard Doron Johnson)

UPC/EAN: 716043168828