SCCD 31188 Brikama / Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra

Guitarist and bandleader Pierre Dørge formed this nearly-big band, New Jungle Orchestras in 1980. The music is diverse as its members nationalities.

“…Brikama is absolutely stunning, with vivid voicings and a bewildering range of instrumental characters…” (The Penguin Guide to JAZZ)

1. Monk in Africa (Pierre Dørge)
2. St. Louis blues (W.C. Handy)
3. Dawda’s dream (Pierre Dørge)
4. A rainbow over the bamboo forest (Pierre Dørge)
5. Nuages (Django Reinhardt)
6. Sunday in Zürich (Pierre Dørge)
7. To Alhaji Bai Konte (Pierre Dørge)
8. To Mr. Dolphy (Pierre Dørge)
9. På tirsdag (John Tchicai)

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