Peter Zak is the latest addition of pianist to SteepleChase. Except for a few months of extra-curricular jazz study at University of California, Berklee School Peter Zak has never received formal music education. This natural talent found his own way into the music to become the

complete pianist equipped with impeccable taste, effortless ease and technical perfection.

“Peter Zak, a new name…but one, I suggest, we will hear a great deal more of in the future.” (Mark Gardner)

1. Better Late Than Never (Peter Zak)
2. Laughin With RZ (Peter Zak)
3. Ugly Beauty (Thelonious Monk)
4. Namely You (Gene De Paul)
5. Blue Gardenia (Lester Lee)
6. Grandpa George (Peter Zak)
7. Mamacita (Joe Henderson)
8. The Worrier (Peter Zak)
9. Maiden Lane (Peter Zak)
10. Tyner's Corner (Peter Zak)
11. Below The Rim (Peter Zak)

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