“…The strength of the material inspired all of us and it was great to hear these tunes come to life. What started out as an early morning record date with some very challenging music soon progressed into downright fun and we all left with a smile on our face. I hope the smile is contagious as you share with us the joy that is the music of Duke Ellington. (Jed Levy)

1. New World A-Comin' (Duke Ellington)
2. Action In Alexandria (Duke Ellington)
3. Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington)
4. Dancers In Love (Duke Ellington)
5. Haupé (Duke Ellington)
6. Blue Rose (Duke Ellington)
7. Neo Hip Hot Cool Kiddies Community (Duke Ellington)
8. Race (Duke Ellington)
9. Ad Lib On Nippon (Duke Ellington)
10. The Lake (Duke Ellington)
11. Circle Of Fourths (Duke Ellington)

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