Peter Zak continues his high quality trio recordings, this time, with bassist and Zak’s old friend Peter Washington and Rodney Greene on drums providing a strong new entry to his impressive discography.

Thomas Conrad of JazzTimes wrote on Zak’s earlier release “Seed of Sin” (SCCD 31641), “ To “get” Zak, you have to pay close attention. The surfaces of his music seem conventional until you notice how imaginatively his improvisations are developed, and how intelligently they tie. Zak invariably comes upon lovely notes you never anticipated …”

On Zak’s solo album “My Conception” (SCCD 31619) Terrell Kent Holmes of AAJ commented, “ Zak always makes the right choices, and audiences will continue to reap the benefits of hearing this wonderfully talented piano man”.

1. Is That So ? (Duke Pearson)
2. Who Cares ? (George Gershwin)
3. Sector 7 (Peter Zak)
4. Gallop's Gallop (Thelonious Monk)
5. I didn't Know About You (Duke Ellington)
6. Tiny Capers (Clifford Brown)
7. Dreamsville (Henry Mancini)
8. Invisible (Ornette Coleman)
9. Love Thy Neighbor (Harry Revel)
10. He Said / She Said (Peter Zak)
11. Down East (Peter Zak)

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