SCCD 31437 Notes On Ornette / Paul Bley Trio

This latest recording of Paul Bley is wholly dedicated to the music of Ornette Coleman, with whom Paul was the major participant of that exciting musical experimentation some 40 years ago.

“… here is an intriguing and most stimulating date that does full justice to the writing of Ornette while showcasing the vitality and virtuosity of the creative Paul Bley in full flow with two top notch companions with him all the way …”(Mark Gardner)

1. Turnaround (Ornette Coleman)
2. Lorraine (Ornette Coleman)
3. Crossroad (Ornette Coleman)
4. When will the blues leave (Ornette Coleman)
5. Compassion (Ornette Coleman)
6. Rejoicing (Ornette Coleman)
7. AARP (Paul Bley)

UPC/EAN: 716043143726