SCCD 31436 Amongst Ourselves / Dave Ballou Quartet

One of the most interesting trumpet voice on the scene today belong to Dave Ballou ” is the remarks by fellow trumpeter Tim Hagans.

It’s been a while since musicians started talking about this interesting trumpeter and it was a matter of time that Dave Ballou made this his leader album.

“… it is an impressive and highly personal leadership debut as the quartet shapes these performances with considerable imagination …” (Mark Gardner)

1. All about Joey (Dave Ballou)
2. Blake's vision (Dave Ballou)
3. Amongst ourselves (Dave Ballou)
4. Phone Queen (Dave Ballou)
5. Boom boom (Dave Ballou)
6. The great matter (Dave Ballou)
7. 7.5 (Dave Ballou)
8. Line (Dave Ballou)
9. J.W. (Tony Malaby)
10. Bidu (Tony Malaby)
11. Skuds (Dave Ballou)

UPC/EAN: 716043143627