SCCD 31316 Caravan Suite / Paul Bley

“… On his new SteepleChase CD, Paul explores ‘Caravan’ for almost 31 minutes, …each section stands alone as a satisfying whole…This one has been replayed again and again since it arrived…There are liner notes by Chris Sheridan and production is excellent. Highly recommended .” (Richard B. Kamins, Cadence)

1. Caravan Suite I (Paul Bley)
2. Caravan Suite II (Paul Bley)
3. Caravan Suite III (Paul Bley)
4. Caravan Suite IV (Paul Bley)
5. I got it bad and that ain't good (Duke Ellington)
6. In my solitude (Duke Ellington)
7. I'm beginning to see the light (Duke Ellington)

UPC/EAN: 716043131624