SCCD 31069 Onaje / Onaje Allan Gumbs

This is Onaje Allan Gumbs’ first recording under his own name. Born in New York in 1950, Onaje studied music education and piano at Fredonia State University. Has played with Betty Carter, Kenny Burrell, Norman Connors, Freddie Waits, Dakota Station Clifford Jordan to mention a few and is best known as composer/pianist of Nat Adderley Sextet.

1. Waiting … in love (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
2. Street life (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
3. Timeless (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
4. It sho' do feel good, did ya here me? (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
5. Giant steps (John Coltrane)
6. Eye of a shadow (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
7. Mouse trap (Onaje Allan Gumbs)
8. Con alma (Dizzy Gillespie)
9. A penny for your thoughts (Onaje Allan Gumbs)

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