SCCD 31774 Oregario Diaz Quintet “Basquiat By Night/Day”

Pianist/composer Oregario Diaz, graduate of The Manhattan School of Music with Mater Degree devides his time in his homeland Venezuela and New York performing with his groups. The title song dedicated to the New York-born Haitian pop artist Jean Michel Basquiat reflects Diaz’ deep appreciation of arts. For this his third album Diaz put together a highly cohesive ensemble to paint an attractive collage of joyful music.

Ole Nimand of Jazz Special (DK) commented on Diaz’ previous release “The Skyline Session” SCCD 31753, “….The two tunes from Diaz’ own pen confirm again his compositional talent and his melodias and expressive solos steal the scene….This is a brilliant and stylish presentation of the kind of jazz that is otherwise no longer on the throne these days ….”

1. J. M. Basquiat (Olegario Diaz)
2. Dance Steps (Olegario Diaz)
3. Wayne And Joe (Olegario Diaz)
4. By Night / Day (Olegario Diaz)
5. They Say It’s Wonderful (Irving Berlin)
6. Astoria Years (Olegario Diaz)
7. Trane Station (Olegario Diaz)
8. Try Not To Lose It (Olegario Diaz)
9. Alone At Last (Victor Young)

UPC/EAN: 716043177424