SCCD 31784 Brian Charette sextet “The Question That Drives Us”

Brian Charette’s unique, reed-based sextet released their first album “Music For Organ Sextette” (SCCD 31731) in 2012 to a critical and public acclaim.

Dan Bilawsky noted in AAJ : “… On Music For Organ Sextette , Charette weaves a unique and gripping aural tapestry together with a mélange of woodwinds serving as the thread. He channels his energy into creating constructs that benefit from the blending of multiple voices .. . Music For Organ Sextette is an anomaly in the world of organ-centric jazz … Charette challenges the status quo with this one and winds up the victor in every way.”

On this second outing of the Sextet Brian Charette even furthers and deepens his musical universe making this sextet a perfect and permanent formula for its creative founder.

1. Blazinec (Brian Charette)
2. The Question That Drives Us (Brian Charette)
3. Medium Up (Brian Charette)
4. Answer Me (Brian Charette)
5. Labor Day (Brian Charette)
6. Svichkova (Brian Charette)
7. 5th Base (Brian Charette)
8. #9 (Brian Charette)
9. Denge Marenge (Brian Charette)
10. I Came So Far To See You (Brian Charette)
11. Moose The Mooche (Charlie Parker)

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