SCCD 33101 Old Time Musketry “Different Times”

Old Time Musketry presents a joyous music that draws on the exuberant spirit of early jazz, the poignant melodies and soulful grooves of rock and folk music, the energy and spontaneity of free improvisation, and a wilfully experimental attitude towards combining these elements into a unique vision of American music. Old Time Musketry joined forces in early 2009 in Brooklyn and has been developing their unique sound by performing widely in the New York area and around the Northeast.

1. Star Insignia (John Paul Schlegelmilch)
2. Parade (Adam Schneit)
3. Different Times (Adam Schneit)
4. Cadets (John Paul Schlegelmilch)
5. Hope For Something More (Adam Schneit)
6. Anger Dance (Henry Cowell, arr. Old Time Musketry)
7. Highly Questionable (John Paul Schlegelmilch)
8. Underwater Volcano (John Paul Schlegelmilch)
9. Floating Vision (Adam Schneit)

UPC/EAN: 716043310128