Kontrapunkt 32182

Ib Nørholm: Symphony No. 2 Op. 50 “Isola Bella” (1968-71)

Odense Symphony Orchestra

Anders Nyborg narrator

Edward Serov conductor

1. I Vision Calmo ma espansivo

2. II Terrace 1 Poco fluente

3. III Terrace 2 & 3 Adagio

4. IV Terrace 4 Moderato ma espansivo

5. V Fiction Allegro

total playing time: 56:43

recorded December 1993

Ib Nørholm’s Symphony No. 2 “Isola Bella” was first performed in 1972 by the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. It has since been considered as of paramount importance among Nørholm’s symphonic works.

Odense Symphony Orchestra and the chief conductor Edward Serov gave their superb rendition of this ambitious work inspired by the intriguing scenery on an island in the Italian lake Lago Maggiore for the Kontrapunkt’s Nørholm Symphony series.

1. I Vision: Calmo ma espansivo (Ib Nørholm)
2. II Terrace 1: poco fluente (Ib Nørholm)
3. III Terrace 2 & 3: Adagio (Ib Nørholm)
4. IV Terrace 4: Moderato ma espansivo (Ib Nørholm)
5. V Fiction: Allegro (Ib Nørholm)

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