SCCD 31062 Time For A Change / Monnette Sudler Quartet/Quintet

This is the highly acclaimed debut album by guitarist Monnette Sudler (b. June 5, 1952 in Philadelphia). Monnette started play guitar at the age of 15, attended Berlkee School of Music in Boston in 1970 and in the same year she started play professionally.

“… Her initial effort has a distinct quality that marks her as a gifted leader and an unusually talented guitarist …” (Cadence)

“… Time For A Change should place Monnette Sudler in the forefront of new jazz guitarists …” (Audio)

1. Easy walker (Monnette Sudler)
2. Time for a change (Monnette Sudler)
3. Malik yaumi din (Monnette Sudler)
4. Let us love (Monnette Sudler)
5. A love song (Monnette Sudler)
6. Three in one (Monnette Sudler)

UPC/EAN: 716043106226