SCCD 31476 Footprints / Michael Cochrane Trio

Pianist Michael Cochrane displays here his deep appreciation and understanding of saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter’s music of the 60s. The 73 minutes of Shorter melodies are performed with great sensitivity, imaginations and dexterity by one of the best jazz piano trios today.

“Cochrane is a mature and imaginative pianist with a delicate touch and deep harmonic resources…” (Dave Gelly, Gramophone Jazz Good CD Guide)

1. Black Nile (Wayne Shorter)
2. One by one (Wayne Shorter)
3. Fee-fi-fo-fum (Wayne Shorter)
4. Virgo (Wayne Shorter)
5. ESP (Wayne Shorter)
6. Footprints (Wayne Shorter)
7. Ana Maria (Wayne Shorter)
8. Pinocchio (Wayne Shorter)
9. Fall (Wayne Shorter)
10. Infant eyes (Wayne Shorter)
11. Speak no evil (Wayne Shorter)

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