SCCD 31038 The Camel / Michael Carvin Quintet

This is another debut album of a young talent that came out of Nils Winther’s NY recording trip of ‘75. Michael Carvin who had played in numerous Motown recordings with the label’s stars like Stevie Wonder was beginning to be recognized also as jazz drummer on the New York scene playing in the Hampton Hawes Trio in the early 70s.

As the leader of a band consists of the Big Apple’s rising stars, Carvin cut an album with “ an overwhelming feeling of sheer musical competence ….” (Jazz Journal).

Talentueuse et surchauffée, cette musique mêrite que l’on s’y arrête .” (Jazz Hot)

1. Osun (Michael Carvin)
2. Naima (John Coltrane)
3. Kwebena's blues (Ron Burton)
4. M.C. blues (Michael Carvin)
5. The camel (Michael Carvin)
6. Billy boy (Traditional)
7. Osun (Michael Carvin)

UPC/EAN: 716043103829