SCCD 31291 Just Cole Porter / Larry Schneider Quartet

“… the performances are so consistently good across this entire album that choosing one or two to talk about here is a case of trying to pick a first among equals. So let me simply tell you this. Everyone should have an album of jazz arrangements of Cole Porter’s music in their collection. If you don’t, here’s the one. And if you already do, this one is worth your finding room for too …” (Cadence)

1. I love you (Cole Porter)
2. I get a kick out of you (Cole Porter)
3. I've got you under my skin (Cole Porter)
4. Everytime we say goodbye (Cole Porter)
5. What is this thing called love (Cole Porter)
6. Love for sale (Cole Porter)
7. In the still of the night (Cole Porter)
8. Just one of those things (Cole Porter)

UPC/EAN: 716043129126