SCCD 31217 The Traveller / Khan Jamal Trio

Vibraphonist Khan Jamal (b. July 23, 1946 in Jacksonville, Fl.) grew up in Philadelphia where he played with the city’s first rate musicians like Byard Lancaster and Sunny Murray.

Jamal frequently visited Copenhagen in the 80s and formed the trio recorded here.

The original LP issue of the recording received generous praises from the press and on this CD issue,

Cadence noted, “Nils Winther has reissued the session with one new cut (Colours) that makes this disc even more satisfying .”

1. Thelonious (Khan Jamal)
2. Unsung heroes (Khan Jamal)
3. Bells of joy (Khan Jamal)
4. Equinox (John Coltrane)
5. Body and soul (Johnny Green)
6. The traveller (Khan Jamal)
7. Bloom (Khan Jamal)
8. Colours (Khan Jamal)

UPC/EAN: 716043121724