SCCD 31281 Longing / Joe Locke Quintet

“… Locke is an extremely original player with a remarkable sense of melody and invention. …Locke ranks among the brightest improvisers in the postbop mainstream today .” (Krin Gabbard, Cadence)

1. Back up/The double up (Lee Patton/Morgan)
2. Longing (Joe Locke)
3. Etch-a-sketch (Joe Locke)
4. A child is born (Thad Jones)
5. Just for now (Steve Slagle)
6. Celestial moods (Ronnie Burrage)
7. Giant steps (John Coltrane)
8. Over the rainbow (Harburg-Arlen)
9. Khalid the warrior (Joe Locke)

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