SCCD 31299 Solo Masterpieces Vol. 1 / Duke Jordan

“… the results of Winther exercising a jazz producer’s prerogative, bringing a favourite pianist into the studio solo…and letting him go to work…Jordan shows off a lot of pre-bop based technique…intriguing hearing (Jordan tunes) pared down to bare bones .” (Jerome Wilson, Cadence)

1. Table chess (Duke Jordan)
2. Cold Bordeaux blues (Duke Jordan)
3. Mellow mood (Duke Jordan)
4. Orange mist (Duke Jordan)
5. Tall grass (Duke Jordan)
6. Kiss of Spain (Duke Jordan)
7. Midnight moonlight (Duke Jordan)
8. Lady Dingbat (Duke Jordan)
9. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)
10. W'utless (Duke Jordan)
11. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)
12. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)
13. Lady Linda (Duke Jordan)
14. Glad I met Pat (Duke Jordan)
15. Lesson in love (Duke Jordan)
16. Wait and see (Duke Jordan)
17. Gabrielle's wish (Duke Jordan)
18. Undecided lady (Duke Jordan)
19. Paula (Duke Jordan)

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