SCCD 31022 Perception / Connie Crothers Trio

This is Connie Crothers’ debut album. She has been a long-time student of Lennie Tristano, who employed polyphonic, polytonal improvisation already in the 40s and is regarded as the founder of the “cool school”.

“… she has great her prolonged harmonic tensions and by means of a sensitive use of the tone qualities of piano …” (R.D.. Jazz Journal)

“… Perception is cool, haunting, angularly melodic, technically razor-sharp …” (Billboard)

1. Lennie's scene (Connie Crothers)
2. Free-way (Connie Crothers)
3. Labyrinth (Connie Crothers)
4. Hillside Avenue (Connie Crothers)
5. Three-way (Connie Crothers)
6. Perception (Connie Crothers)
7. Convergence (Connie Crothers)
8. Vibrations (Connie Crothers)
9. My old flame (Coslaw/Johnston)
10. All the things you are (Jerome Kern)

UPC/EAN: 716043102228