New York based Canadian saxophonist Andrew Rathbun makes a powerful

statements on this new album as predicted by all-about-jazz’ Budd Kopman:

Rathbun's next album will most likely not sound anything like Shadow Forms, (SCCD 31598 – ed.) which makes his journey all the more interesting to follow. The restless intelligence that informs this fine record only whets the appetite for the next.

1. Fragmented (Andrew Rathbun)
2. We Have Nothing But Tears (Andrew Rathbun)
3. Around The Same Circles (Andrew Rathbun)
4. Break The Chains (Andrew Rathbun)
5. 5th Anniversary (Andrew Rathbun)
6. Fiasco (Andrew Rathbun)
7. Ongoing (Andrew Rathbun)
8. Folly (Of The Future Fallen) (Andrew Rathbun)
9. Paint Peelings (Andrew Rathbun)

UPC/EAN: 716043163021