The third leader album of Versace finds him in an outgoing and energetic trio setting with Vic Juris and Adam Nussbaum. On his previous album “Many Places” (SCCD 31589) Matthew Miller of all-about-jazz remarks, “ The truly astonishing aspect of Versace’s talent is the potent mix of virtuosity and musicality he brings in equal measure to each performance. In the hands of a lesser musician the B3 can easily overwhelm any musical setting, but Versace’s ear and infallible sensibility seem to always lead him in the right musical direction.”

1. Hindsight (Cedar Walton)
2. For Bill (Gary Versace)
3. Thelonious (Thelonious Monk)
4. Alone And I (Herbie Hancock)
5. For McCoy (Gary Versace)
6. Prism (Keith Jarrett)
7. Lennie's Pennies (Lennie Tristano)
8. Floater (Carla Bley)
9. Let Me Try (Roland Hanna)
10. Webb City (Bud Powell)

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