Kontrapunkt 32173

The Danish Romanticism

Works for Mixed Choir A Cappella

The Canzone Choir

Frans Rasmussen conductor

This CD is a historical sequel to “The Danish Golden Age-Works for Mixed Choir a cappella” KPT 32068 documenting the rather forgotten period of the first three decades of the 20th century. The works presented here are by the Romantic composers who, in spite of the high quality of their achievement, sunk into obscurity due to the reformist movement in that period initiated by Carl Nielsen.

1. Hun Sover I Ly (Sextus Miskow)
2. Vel Maa Jeg Kysse Dig (Rued Langgaard)
3. Billede (Ludolf Nielsen)
4. Han Kom En Sommeraften (Axel Schiøler)
5. Aftenlandskab (Fini Henriques)
6. Aften (Otto Malling)
7. Gammel Julesang (Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller)
8. Livsalige Aften (Jens Laursøn)
9. Herre, Jeg Har Handlet Ilde (Niels Otto Raasted)
10. Stille Regn (Julius Bechgaard)
11. Regnbuen (Louis Glass)
12. Og Sørger Du For Den Forårstid (Frederik Rung)
13. Der Drysser Korn (Frederik Rung)
14. Runegaard (Christian Barnekow)
15. Norden (Victor Bendix)
16. Danmark (Fini Henriques)
17. Heimath und Vaterland (Alfred Toft)
18. Geliebter! Ich Lebe (Jacob Fabricius)
19. Rosenlieb (Jacob Fabricius)
20. Frühling und Liebe (Johan Bartholdy)

UPC/EAN: 716043217328