Dexter Gordon – Swedish Nights (SCCD 37017/18)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37017/18 Swedish Nights / Dexter Gordon Quintet Previously issued on SCCD 31224 & SCCD 31226 “ Some might criticise that Dexter put out too many albums but this recording I cannot do without …” (Jyllandsposten) “… a thoroughly satisfying late-night-set .” (Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal International) 1. I remember you (Johnny Mercer)2. […]

Dexter Gordon – The Shadow Of Your Smile (SCCD 31206)

SCCD 31206 The Shadow Of Your Smile / Dexter Gordon Quartet “… prime improvisational play and four good tracks…” ( Jack Burke, Burlington Standard Press) “…this record is essential to all you tenor sax aficionados out there…The rhythm section shows its respect and admiration for Dex by tastefully handing their rhythmic and harmonic duties with […]

Dexter Gordon – After Midnight (SCCD 31226)

SCCD 31226 After Midnight / Dexter Gordon Quintet “.. .fans of DG’s massive, laid back authority will surely want to add this engaging set to their collection…a thoroughly satisfying late-night-set .” (Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal International) 1. Three o'clock in the morning (Roblero/Terriss)2. Body and soul (Johnny Green)3. Prancin' (Miles Davis)4. The theme (Traditional) UPC/EAN: […]

Dexter Gordon – After Hours (SCCD 31224)

SCCD 31224 After Hours / Dexter Gordon Quintet At the time this album was released originally on LP in 1986, Dexter was attracting renewed interest from the public by receiving nomination for an Academy Award for his performance (as an actor) of the leading role in the feature film “Round Midnight”. Though Dexter spent his […]