Ari Ambrose – Jazmin (SCCD 31535)

“… a first class young musician, …an intelligent, possibly major talent …” (Jazz Journal) “ … impressive leader debut …a fully formed stylist, …a writer of substance .” (JazzTimes) “… Ambrose passes all test with four stars …” (Dick Bogle) “… Ambrose is a star on the rise …”(CD Review) 1. Jazmin (Ari Ambrose)2. When […]

Ari Ambrose – Early Song (SCCD 31496)

Since his recording debut in 1998 “Introducing Ari Ambrose” (SCCD 31450) at the age of 24, this “first class young musician” (Eddie Blackwell, Jazz Journal) has already cut three more albums of his own and has firmly developed to be a major voice in the younger generation. With his long-time friend and musical partner George […]