Phineas Newborn – Stockholm Jam Session, Vol. 1 (SCCD 36025)

SCCD 36025 Stockholm Jam Session Vol. 1 / Phineas Newborn Pianist Phineas Newborn (1931 – 1989), despite his enormous talent characterised by his prodigious technique and extraordinary speed � la Art Tatum, remained in a relative obscurity throughout his professional life due to his illness. Fortunately for this overlooked and under-recorded genius, a private recording […]

Phineas Newborn – Stockholm Jam Session, Vol. 2 (SCCD 36026)

SCCD 36026 Stockholm Jam Session Vol. 2 / Phineas Newborn This is the second volume of the virtuoso jazz pianist Phineas Newborn’s rare recording of a private jam session from Stockholm which was the last stop of the lengthy European tour of Norman Grantz’ “Jazz From Carnegie Hall”. “… The music offered here is …. […]