Here’s a long-awaited CD issue of the legendary vocal groups founded and led by Bernhard Lewkovitch since the early 70s. Schola Cantorum and Schola Gregoriana were the first ever Danish professional ensemble specialising in Roman Catholic church’s musical tradition.

Except for the Requiem of Antoine Brumel (previously unissued), the recording was originally released from EMI on LP, which has long been unavailable.


1. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Introitus (Anonymous)
2. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Kyrie (Anonymous)
3. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Christe (Anonymous)
4. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Kyrie (Anonymous)
5. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Tractus (Anonymous)
6. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Sequentia (Anonymous)
7. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Offertorium (Anonymous)
8. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Sanctus (Anonymous)
9. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Benedictus (Anonymous)
10. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Agnus Dei (Anonymous)
11. Requiem (Gregorian Chant): Comminio / Lux Eterna (Anonymous)
12. Requiem: Introitus (Antoine Brumel)
13. Requiem: Kyrie (Antoine Brumel)
14. Requiem: Christe (Antoine Brumel)
15. Requiem: Kyrie (Antoine Brumel)
16. Requiem: Sanctus (Antoine Brumel)
17. Requiem: Benedictus (Antoine Brumel)
18. Requiem: Agnus Dei (Antoine Brumel)
19. Requiem: Communio / Lux Eterna (Antoine Brumel)
20. Vultum tuum (Josquin Desprez)
21. Sancta Dei genitrix (Josquin Desprez)
22. Ave Maria (Josquin Desprez)
23. Impropreria (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
24. Ave Maria (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
25. In monte oliveti (Spanish Anonymous)
26. Vinea mea electa (Spanish Anonymous)

UPC/EAN: 716043231621