SCCD 31766 Ronnie Cuber “Live In Berlin”

The legendary baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber is, as Bill Milkowski of JazzTimes

observes, “ still very much on top of his game at age 70 ”.

One summer night of the famed Berlin Jazzfest of 2008 finds Ronnie and his group in a relaxed and joyous mood backed by the responsive and enthusiastic audience.

An astonishingly lyrical player on that most unforgiving of instruments…

It is the intelligence and subtlety of his playing that shines through …” (Sunday Express UK on Ronnie SCCD 31680)

“… while Cuber’s ability to blow over the changes remains unquestioned, it’s his restrained approach and melodic penchant…… that come as a welcome surprise. We all knew Cuber could wail with unparalleled authority, we just didn’t know he could sing so pretty on his big horn .” (Bill Milkowski – JazzTimes on Boplicity SCCD 31734)

1. Tokyo Blues (Horace Silver)
2. Coco B (Clare Fischer)
3. Things Never Were What They Used To Be (Kenny Drew)
4. Passion Fruit (Ronnie Cuber)
5. Tell Me A Bedtime Story (Herbie Hancock)
6. Perpetuating The Myth (Kenny Drew)
7. Arroz Con Pollo (Ronnie Cuber)

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