SCCD 31517 – Ron McClure Quartet “Match Point” Bassist/composer Ron McClure is also an avid tennis player. The group on this CD founded originally to give concerts for the Riverside Clay Tennis Association became McClure’s newest regular group. Considering McClure’s career background that includes Wynton Kelly, Marian McPartland, the early fusion band Fourth Way, the Jazz-Rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears, the Charles Lloyd Quartet, Thelonious Monk, among others, it is not surprising to find this group with the blend of diverse musical styles.

McClure is not only a strong bassist with technical excellence but “… he is also an exceptional composer who draws on non-jazz tonalities with great confidence .” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, Richard Cook).

1. Mainestay (Bob DeVos)
2. Walter Davis (Ron McClure)
3. Shorter story (Bob DeVos)
4. Moonray (Nat Madison/Arthur Quenzer/Artie Shaw)
5. Cellular expansion (Ron McClure)
6. West Side blues (Bob DeVos)
7. In search of times lost (Bob DeVos)
8. Something new for you (Ron McClure)
9. The day after Christmas (Ron McClure)
10. Match point (Jed Levy)

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