Bassist/Composer/Bandleader Ron McClure eargerly took the challenge of combining two of the most exciting tenor saxophonists on the NY scene today: Rich Perry and Stephen Riley. McClure notes, “ I paid special attention to Stephen Riley’s soft, melodic qualities, which are his signature. Stephen is truly a unique voice in today’s jazz scene, and utilizing his most personal musical qualities was top priority for me when choosing this material. Rich Perry is amazing! He can play anything and everything, and is as creative as a soloist as anyone on his instrument today. Rich Perry shines brightly, as always….”

“… Soft Hands (SCCD31615) signals his 31 st session for SteepleChase as either leader or sideman. That’s an impressive run and this session contains new evidence as to why the Danish label holds his prowess in such high esteem” , (Derek Taylor

Jazz Bagatellen)

1. L. A. L. (Ron McClure)
2. Cordiac Arrest (Ron McClure)
3. Weird Thang (Ron McClure)
4. Dedication (Ron McClure)
5. The Starter (Ron McClure)
6. Better Angerls (Ron McClure)
7. Speaking Of Giants (Ron McClure)
8. On Solid Ground (Ron McClure)
9. Somewhere Before (Ron McClure)
10. So, What's New? (Ron McClure)

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