1. All my tomorrows (Jimmy Van Heusen)
2. I believe in you (Frank Loesser)
3. I'm always chasing rainbows (Chapin/Carroll/McCarthy)
4. I cover the waterfront (Green/Heyman)
5. Things ain't what they used to be (Duke Ellington)
6. Beautiful love (Victor Young)
7. Look away (Reuben Brown)
8. You took advantage of me (Richard Rodgers)
9. Round about midnight (Thelonious Monk)
10. Take the A train (Billy Strayhorn)
11. I thought about you (Jimmy Van Heusen)
12. The end of a love affair (Redding)
13. Central Park west (John Coltrane)
14. Don't blame me (Jimmy McHugh)
15. Blue and brown (Reuben Brown)

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